USCIS Incorporates General Adjudications Guidance into the Policy Manual

  • Incorporates existing guidance regarding types of evidence, including primary and secondary evidence, documentary and testimonial evidence, and original documents and document translations.
  • Incorporates existing guidance regarding adjudicative decisions including approvals, and denials.
  • Incorporates existing guidance regarding post-decision actions such as actions on approved applications or petitions.
  • Explains how officers should handle cases involving unreliable evidence, including consulting the Department of State’s Reciprocity Table, providing information on voluntary DNA collection options, and referring certain cases for in-person interviews.
  • Clarifies that when a petitioner, beneficiary, or authorized representative requests a copy of a signed sworn statement taken during an interview, officers provide a copy of the statement to the affiant (the person making the statement)at the conclusion of the interview where the statement was taken.

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The original publication date of this post was November 23, 2021 3:21 pm