New cultural exchange scheme opens to young talent in the UK and India

From today (28 February), young professionals from India and the UK can apply to live, study, travel and work for up to two years in each other’s country, the UK government has announced.

The first of its kind, the reciprocal Young Professionals Scheme is a new opportunity granting Indian and UK nationals a chance to benefit from new cultural experiences and inject expertise into both economies.

Indian nationals eligible for the scheme can now enter a 48 hour ballot free of charge from which 2,400 randomly selected applicants will then be invited to submit their visa applications. Those eligible to apply must be between 18 and 30, be an Indian national and hold a degree. A further ballot will be held later in the year.

Interested eligible British nationals do not need to apply through a ballot process and are welcome to apply to the Young Professionals Scheme at any time.

The UK encourages young professionals from both countries to experience each other’s nations and participate in this cultural exchange.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said:

The Young Professionals Scheme is a unique opportunity for British and Indian graduates to experience the richness of a new culture and way of life while building their professional experience and expertise. This new scheme illustrates the importance of our relationship with India and will bring great benefits to both countries.

I encourage young professionals from India and the UK who want to share their skills and talents to apply.

The Young Professionals Scheme highlights the strength of the UK-India economic and cultural relationship and is a key part of the UK-India Mobility and Migration Partnership, which was signed in May 2021.

As well as the Young Professionals Scheme, the Partnership includes a range of commitments to enhance arrangements on migration issues such as measures to strengthen our ability to remove immigration offenders and ensure greater co-operation around organised immigration crime.

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The original publication date of this post was February 28, 2023 12:07 pm